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10053 and 10060 errors


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Tried bumping an old thread 5 days ago but didn't work so

Was downloading a torrent at around 200kb/s went to get a drink it was on 0.1. Have left it for hours and no improvement, I then turned my router, a Netgear Dg834G off for the night to no avail. (annoying because the torrent was 92% sad )

The tick at the bottom is green but if I run a test, it either gives me a red cross for test one and a yellow tick with an asterix for test 2, or two red crosses. The errors given are either 10053 or 10060.

I have tried the following things I have found online;

1). Checked all firewall settings, and port forwards.

2). Recreated the exception rules

3) Disabled DHT

4). Enabled access data sources across domains

5). Updated the client

^). Changed speed test locations

I'm not the most tech savy so no big words please :D

I'd appreciate any help at all, thanks :)

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Are you sure the torrent is even alive, Is there any seeders? What is the availablity (avail tab)? if its 0.92* then the torrent probably won't finish unless a seeder comes back. You would have been download at 200 from the peers who only have 92 percent but there isn't anyone online that has the other 8 percent.

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Each seed connected to you adds 1 to availability.

So if your availability figure for that torrent is only 1.918 ...you're not connected to more than 1 seed and probably have few peers as well.

Do note that the reported seeds and peers are almost always optimistic -- most are dead and gone. :(

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