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I cannot choose which files I want to download


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Since new version of uTorrent - 2.2 Beta (build 20813) - after downloading and entering a .torrent file in uTorrent list, I don't see a window where I see all files to download and where I can uncheck the files I don't want to download. This is important because sometimes apart from a file that interested me are also many others, sometimes very big, which I don't want to download.

What should I do if I want uTorrent to show me that window before starting to download?


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Supposedly if you go to Options->Preferences->UI Settings and check the "Show a window that displays the files inside the torrent" setting you should be able to see the download window again.

This worked in previous beta versions but it doesn't work in the 2.2 beta.

Can someone confirm if this happens with anyone please?


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