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Yellow Check Mark With A Black Star


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uTorrrent v2.0.1 (b 19248)

Port Forward with utorrent nat enabled connection with a wired adsl-router. Setup Guide (ctrl-g) network test, shows a network a yellow check mark with a black star over it.

Utorrent downloads any torrent, has even a green check mark while downloading. While downloading and also when download ends there's no uploading. Logger says port is not open (you are still able to download). After all download ends the green check mark disapears.

Why the green check mark appears if outbound port wasn't open. Isn't the check mark to indicate posrts are open for download and uploading ?

What does the, yellow check mark with a black star over it mean ?

Router i setup service for lan and internet always open. And added firwall in router to accept the service rule.

WinXP-SP3 firewall have tested with exception for uttorent and with firewall disabled. Neither made any difference.

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