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Help me clarify more about Peer Exchange and Trackers List


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For example I'm downloading x-files movie, I got :

[DHT] 141 120

[Local Peer Discovery] 0 7

[Peer Exchange] 288 332

http://denis.stalker.h3q.com:6969/announce working 108 105

http://tracker.publicbt.com:80/announce 147 160

udp://tracker.openbittorrent.com:80/announce 111 110

Sorry for my noob question. I'd like to ask about relations btw "Peer Exchange" and "Tracker List" in term of seed number?

In sum, my total seeds is exactly the same as the figure in Peer Exchange - 288. For instance X-files-Season-08-HQ 42(288)

Removing all 3 Trackers do not seem to have any effect on Peer Exchange number because I did restart Utorrent => What's the role of Tracker list here?

So, pls explain me why and how to add seeds to total seeds that received from Trackers.

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Think of Peer Exchange as the cumulative totals for seeds and peers.

You could try right-clicking on the torrent and doing advanced, clear peer list to see what the numbers drop to. After <1 hour you'll probably get most of the ips back again if they really exist.

Trackers exist as a common point of entry for new peers to find each other.

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