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Question regarding uTorrent Download Speed allocation


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My question is simple though I think the answer might be quite complicated.

Anyways, whenever I download using uTorrent I tend to download multiple torrents

at the same time.I just tried comparing downloading 5 downloads, to 6 downloads

and to 1 download at a time.

For 5 at a time I get 45kbps combined

For 6 I still get 45kbps max

But when I download one it peeks up to 55kbps @_@

Im guessing that the speed per torrent is linked to my highest download

speed thanks to my provider and not to my peers. Though I'd like to confirm it

by asking someone here lol

Thanks for any answers

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on slow internet connections the more peer connections you have the more overhead you will have, effectively reducing your max speed. Make sure you setup your speed guide according to max upload to get the most of your connection.

If you can only download at 55 Then your upload is probably considerably slower. Your settings should probably limit you to 1-3 torrents at a time at the absolute highest. use ctrl + g to enter the speed guide and fix those settings.

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