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Hi Firon

I have a very basic understanding of this whole process. Is DHT mainly just a more efficient way for me and others to find the packets they are looking for?

And therefor by turning it off will reduce my download/upload speed or performance?

I'd also like to know how to not seed a file any more.

Can I just remove it from the uTorrent (i.e. right click over the file and select remove)?

Of course I will do my fair share of sharing, but I see some files I have made available for close to 3. I think this is more than enough from what I have read on here.

Need to do a bit more research :rolleyes: into tracker/trackerless, DHT etc.

share you later :).

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DHT is a network through which you might be able to find other people (connected to the DHT network, and not necessarily on the tracker you're connected to) with the data you're looking for. Yes you can just remove it, it'll stop properly.

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Another thing to do is set your upload speed limits in µTorrent to only about 50% of your connection's max upload speed. If you're trying to upload at or near max speed, your ISP will be dropping "excess" upload packets at random...but they will probably still count them towards your monthly limits!

Limit your upload slots too -- it does you no good to use 10 upload slots per torrent and running 4 torrents if your max upload speed is 20 KB/sec!

Also set the global number of connections and max number of connections per torrent to a reasonable amount. Even 100 total connections and 40 connections per torrent will give reasonable speeds most of the time...up to 5+ mbps connections. This means you spend more bandwidth GETTING files than maintaining 100's of extra connections that just sit idle.

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