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Utorrent doesnt close properly


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It seems that the latest versions of utorrent doesnt close properly. If i close it down (it looks like it closes like normal) and try to start it again Windows7 responds with a "it seems that utorrent is already running, but not responding". It is not possible however to close utorrent in the Task Manager, nothing happens (first time this has ever happened to me with any program!)

This error occurs on both my stationary computer running Windows7 x86 and on my laptop running Windows7 x64 so i can't be the only one with this problem. It's been like this for a quite a while now and for each release i've had hopes that this would be fixed (it sucks to have to restart the computer to close utorrent and be able to restart it) .

Is this a well known problem, any fix? Otherise i guess i might try going back to an older version because i never used to have this problem with utorrent..

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