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Weirdest "bug" ever!


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Issue -

When I'm seeding, I need to either have my music player playing, or some video playing, in order to reach (and stay at) my max upload speed. Otherwise, my upload speed will fluctuate between 10% to 60% of my max speed. It really fluctuates and cannot keep an concurrent upload speed.

Now, this just happened to me today. Never had this problem, I have tested it all day long on a torrent where I'm the sole seeder with plenty of peers. I had a video playing while watching the torrent for 30mins straight without my upload speed fluctuating and actually keeping at my max speed. But as soon as I pause/stop/close the video, my upload speed starts fluctuating like hell. And when I start the video again, upload speed goes to max and stays there. I did this over and over again with music player and video player, this issue is bugging the sh*t out of me.

This only affects the upload speed and not download speed!

Possible cause -

No idea! But I'm thinking something with disk caching, maybe? Resetting to defaults settings didn't fix it.

Using version 2.0.2 by the way.

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OS -

Windows 7 Home Premium

Current utorrent settings -

Override automatic cache - enabled to 256 MB

Reduce memory usage - disabled

Caching disk writes - enabled

Disabled the 2 options under this

Caching disk reads - enabled

Remove old blocks enabled, rest disabled

Windows caching of disk writes/reads - disabled

Edit/Update - Hmm, about the registry fix for the 'opposite behaviour', don't know if I am comfortable changing the value. Is it suggested that I should play around with it?

Edit 2 - Updated to 2.0.3 didn't help.

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I have a similar problem. I have several torrents actively seeding. Every couple of minutes uploading to the peers on all torrents stop, but the peers stay connected. Then after 20 seconds or so, uploading starts again. This cycle is repeated. Now, when I have the media player playing music or videos, this does not occur.

[Right click and view image]

No Media Player


With Media Player playing


Running v2.2 build 23774

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Let me explain in more detail. I have like 3-6 torrents actively seeding. Combined they are maxing my upload speed. Now every few minutes they ALL just stop uploading to the peers. The peers do not disconnect, they stay connected on all the torrents. After 20 seconds or so they start uploading again to the peers, immediately reaching my max upload speed (It's like they were paused). This is repeated and becomes a cycle.

It's not the upload speed set too high. I can set it to 30KB/s and the torrents stop uploading.

As long as I am playing music or video I can upload at my max upload speed constantly for hours. I tried with another client and didn't experience this issue.

I thought it was cool n quiet http://forum.utorrent.com/post.php?tid=81332 (you can delete the topic) but I can play music or video without the cpu frequency changing from 800mhz.

This is with mediaplayer playing music


Now when not playing music those 6 torrents will all stop uploading at the same time. It's not like a peer here and there disconnects. Peers do not disconnect at all, just stop uploading for a few seconds. These torrents are on different trackers.

This is when I was away from the PC for about 1 1/2 hours without any song or video playing.


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The last time I could download but not upload is when my ISP started throttling peer to peer proggies. I wonder if this might some how be related. Maybe when you are playing music or video. Do you have your music/video player on 'allowed' for internet access. Maybe you have found another form of Encryption??? Anyways, just for the heck of it, do you have Encryption set to ON & FORCED & NO Legacy connections in uTorrent 2.2 or higher? If not, set those. Just a shot in the dark here.


isepiq :cool:

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Hardware Interrupts - 0.2% - 0.8%

DPCs - 0.2% - 0.5%

I will try setting cpu priority to high and if it doesn't work setting cpu affinity to 1.

Edit: Tried those two settings separate and combined, didn't work.

Decided to disable completely Cool n Quiet and C1E Support from the BIOS. It worked, torrents didn't stop uploading and constantly maxed my upload speed (125KB/s).

Tried enabling CnQ with C1E Support disabled. Uploading didn't stop but was never able to reach my max speed. Uploading was between 75-90KB/s) Seeding more torrents took away speed from the other torrents instead of reaching my max upload speed.

Tried disabling CnQ with C1E Support enabled. Uploading didn't stop but after some time upload speed was fluctuating a lot.

It seems that CnQ is the biggest culprit but for uTorrent to operate at optimum performance both need to be disabled.

Is there a reason why these two affect uTorrent uploading and is it possible to be fixed?

Thank You

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