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No problems till couple weeks ago :((. hope someone knows a solution..


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So it would be working fine, nothing ever giving me trouble when using utorrent and then;

When i click on torrent to download by pressing play, ok. I click a couple more then it starts to lag. Then basically the entire utorrent software would just halt at times. then refresh and work ok then when i click on the screen anywhere on the program. it would lag, halt then if i wait abit sometimes it would refresh and work ok again. The thing is thou when it halts the downloads doesnt recieve anything. The downloads only get data when i see it working myself as in watching the kb/s coloumn change as it typically does.

My utorrent software basically after 2minutes its on decides to go slow and actually appear as if its halted. If i have patience i can wait abit [thou durng this time utorrent actually does nothing so its not just in the foreground doing nothing but everything in general. no downloading occurs].

It can refresh but it develops into something that requires me to exit the program and start up again and then its all over again. After say 5 minutes when it halts, it gets bad that it comes up with not responding on the top.

I hope this sounds familiar with anyone and would so hope to get back to using utorrent how i used to. Thanks for your time reading this post and hope to read some helpful replies in the near future.

yours faitfully


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