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Torrents 'complete' but not really...


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I'm new to the UTorrent community, was using bittornado but switched for various reasons. I've read the faq guide and looked in the help menu of utorrent but can't find an answer. Forgive me if they are in there and I missed it.

I've downloaded two different torrents now and neither work, even though utorrent says they are complete. One was an audio only, the other a video. In the folder that I've downloaded them into, when I click on the file icon, it says that the size = 0bytes. Obviously not there, yet why is utorrent telling me it's all done?

While I'm at it, can someone give me a quick answer = since I'm now re-downloading the same torrent (I deleted the original before checking to make sure it was actually all downloaded..dumb) can I force utorrent to check for data already downloaded or will it auto do that?

Thanks so much,

your my hero,


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I understand, DWK, but I think this is more of a problem with Utorrent sticking my download in the 'complete' area and telling me it's done when it's obviously not finished. The files themselves are not corrupt etc, they are just not being downloaded properly.

sorry, should mention. The whole package wasn't 0bytes, just some of the episodes/tracks.

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