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Suddenly unable to download any .torrent files


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No idea what's going on here, I just downloaded two torrents from a favorite site of mine, both downloaded fine, no errors. A couple of hours later I tried to download another one from the same site, and I get an "Unable to save .torrent <torrentname>..." error. When I try to physically save the torrent files, for some reason they won't download. In Firefox's download list, the open and open containing folder are greyed out. I get the same error from pretty much every site I try to download from.

I've tried reinstalling uTorrent, restarting my computer, restarting the router and modem - no changes. Only thing I can think of is that my ISP could of started to block torrent files, but that makes no sense. Any ideas on a fix?

EDIT: Solved, sort of. Seems it's a problem with firefox unable to download any files. No idea why that happened, working on it. IE still downloads torrents and uTorrent is able to correctly use them.

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