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Invisible Firewall??


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Okay, so I've got this weird problem with my computer. It seems as if I've got some sort of invisible firewall or something else blocking certain connections from going out or coming in. I have no antivirus and I don't even have the Windows firewall turned on. And I only recently removed PeerGuardian2 after it started giving some errors.

Example: I can browse, download, and upload from the web. I can also play Call Of Duty 4 online and access Steam. However, the free online FPS "Crossfire" will not connect to the server after installed, various programs cannot download files within the program, and µTorrent's port forward check will say that a port is closed even when I've correctly forwarded it! Also, µTorrent is very slow.

My computer is going on it's fifth year running, so the occasional error can occur.

Also, I know it's not the network because when I run the aforementioned program that's supposed to download a file within the program itself on my Dad's laptop, connected to the same wireless router setup, it runs just fine and the file downloads. However, on my computer, it will not download. So I'm positive it's not the network. However, I have not tried µTorrent on his laptop yet. I'm sure it would run perfectly, though.

What could be keeping my computer from making these connections? Could it be a corrupt file or a filter somewhere? I had an antivirus a while ago but I deleted it. Same with PeerGuardian2. Could deleting these programs (improperly?) have caused my computer to reject some connections?

Sorry if this post is confusing, I don't really know how to describe the problem as I don't know what's causing it (which is why I'm posting) so I just tried to give a few examples of how this "invisible problem" affects my computer.

Edit: giving more detail on how this affects µTorrent: I have checked that a port is correctly forwarded through my WIreless Belkin Router's web interface. However, when checking if that port is forwarded through the internet checker, it says that it is not.

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Posted by Switeck

"Peer Guardian 2 is a firewall...and a bad one.

Is windows firewall present and enabled?

Are you using antivirus software, which often has a firewall?

Is the wireless router firewalling uTorrent?

What about the modem -- is it configured?"

I believe I had already answered all of these questions in my earlier post. It seems as if you haven't really read my post, but simply gave a generic answer to someone who's had a "speed / port problem".

I don't have PeerGuardian2 anymore.

Windows Firewall is disabled.

I don't have an antivirus software.

The wireless router has been configured to forward µTorrent's port.

I will attempt to configure my modem as I have not heard about this before.

I do believe that a moderator should at least help a person solve their problem, not leave them running in circles.

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Have you forwarded two separate ports, one for each computer and configured them that way in utorrent?

You really should try running uTorrent on your dad's computer, Rather than just assuming it will work.

It is possible your ISP is disrupting bittorrent communication (yes its possible) Based on that possibility which ISP are you with?

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I read a lot of posts, it's easy to overlook the obvious.

The overwhelming majority of posters don't give even the basic details you gave, so I demand them up front.

You said "the aforementioned program"...

You meant uTorrent probably, but do you mean the free online FPS "Crossfire"?

As to the other questions...it's not readily apparent from your post that these questions have the same answers on your dad's


I'm still not sure if you are (or were) using wireless at any point.

I don't even know what uTorrent version you have, what settings you're using in it, nor windows OS version.

Even crazy things like which ports are forwarded could help.

1st link in my signature, last post.

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