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Splitting large torrent into multiple smaller downloads?

DJ Amoz

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Hi there,

I have been looking through the forum to see if this question has not answered elsewhere yet, but could not find anything - so please forgive me if I missed it...

I am currently downloading a huge torrent - 58GB - consisting of roughly 100 files.

What I would like to do is basically open the same torrent files (in one instance of uTorrent on the same machine) multiple times. For example if I open this 58GB torrent consisting of 100 files 10 times, and select different files in each of the downloads, I will have 10 separate downloads in uTorrent downloading this big torrent.

This will allow me (on my extremely slow line) to speed up the process dramatically, especially because I like to watch these downloads as they complete (set 2 or 3 files to high priority, next 2 or 3 to normal, and the rest to low).

I'm hoping that I am making my request clear?

Currently when I try to open a torrent a second time, uTorrent just says that its in my download list already and if i want to add the trackers.

Help would be REALLY appreciated!


DeeJay AMoz

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You can already set file priority and even set files to not download.

It will *NOT* be faster breaking all that up into separate torrents -- you'd need to make 100 TIMES as many tracker updates along with all the participants just to accomplish the same thing as on 1 torrent.

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