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Why I am going back to 2.0.3


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Simply put, I have always loved uTorrent because it was a minimal, lightweight torrent client that was very feature filled.

The other day, I was updated to the latest 2.2 update (yes, my fault for having the update to beta version settings checked), and instantly hated it. Now, any time I launch uTorrent, I have to click not once, but two times to get to the same basic, standard view that was in older versions of uTorrent.

Once you get to that point, things change a little. You have the same basic view, but things are moved around slightly. The removal of the top control bar (start or stop torrents and what not) is not too bad, as you can do the same thing through the right-click menu. My problem with it, is it requires right-clicking, then left clicking the selected actions. Thats 2 actions when the old method only required one (that is, once you had a torrent selected, it takes one click to change its status). The new method, requires you to either right-click a torrent without selecting it first (no biggy, and this evens out the total number of clicks to change a torrents status), but when you have more than one item you wish to change, you require 3 or more clicks with the new UI (one or more to select multiple torrents, one to right click them, and another to change their status), where the old method of having a single control bar required only two clicks.

In short, the new UI requires MUCH more clicking to do the same thing that the old UI did well. Aren't UI's suppose to be developed to make the program easier to use? Why did the uTorrent devs take the route of making the UI more advanced/complex/more difficult to use when the old UI did the same exact things with less trouble?

Hope the new UI (at least in its current state) never gets to see the light of day (released to the public), I for one am reverting back to the older, more simplistic UI and possibly moving away from uTorrent or keeping the old outdated version until I stop using torrents.

EDIT: It also seems the latest beta has a crash bug that prevented me from re-opening it after I closed it. Granted a beta is more likely to have a crash bug than a stable release, I have never had ANY uTorrent crashes that prevented me from opening the program until this latest beta.

EDIT: Okay, after looking at some pictures in the main thread, the toolbar still has all the start/stop/pause etc buttons. But, from what my uTorrent autoupdated to, none of that was available in the toolbar, it was all simply missing. I muddled through the settings and didn't see anything obvious wrong (toolbar WAS being shown, etc).

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