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Utorrent causing sluglish internet even when throttled back


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Recently, within the past two months, my internet has slowed to a stop when using utorrent. I have been using bittorents for about five years and utorrent for about three. I thought it might have been my Belkin router I purchased nine months ago. I bout a D-link DGL-4500 gaming router thinking it would solve the problem. It did not. Without utorrent running I have 10.18 mb/s D/L .36 mb/s U/L. With it on, it seems to freeze when implementing the test. If I tried to open the speednet page after starting utorrent, it would not even load with my settings at 500 kb DL 50 kb UL.

So of course I perused the forums searching for answers, since throwing money at it won't. Reset all suggested setting, disabling UnPnP/DHT/NAT-PMP, even net-_max_halfopen to 4. It seemed to work briefly, for a couple minutes, then back to no internet no matter how much I throttled the DL/UL.

I run I pretty nice system. Q6600 Intel, Asus Mobo, Velociraptors 10K running RAID 0, 4GB Corsair RAM - I of which has been installed for a while w/out problems. My software consists of W7 w/ AGV free and W7 firewall.

After penning this, it seems maybe a utorrent reinstall might be an option, although I would hate to loss all the torrents. Recent utorrent updates seems to be the only x factor in my system.

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