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bottlenecked for the first time


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Hmmmm ,

Hello , this will be my first post since I never had any problem while using this program.

Before I used a lot of Windows XP and often run a different Peer to Peer program alongside

utorrent. I have never had any issues. I got a new copy of Windows 7 and am finding that the

program's connections a bottlenecking. Impossible , since no such problems had occured before

and I have a 100mb/s optical direct internet connection.

My other P2P is emule and when running them simultaneously utorrents download (while first full

speed) now throttle down severely to the point of choking. When I shut emule down , the speeds

come back to normal.

I thought I might have been caused by the new Beta 2 version , but now de-installed that and

went back to 2.0.3 , but same problems.

They reason why I am needing to know solutions (other then the obvious but unacceptable ,

running one or the other, since I never had to need to do that before) is because , the bottle neck

was so severe that my entire internet connection choked out and couldn't restore and had to

reset my router in order to come back .

Please direct me to some setting changes I can do to extend the bandwidth or similar , in order

to prevent this bottle necking . Or how I can change Windows 7 firewall / connection settings to

prevent bottle necking .



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I just added that the problem persists even when running alone .

How can the ports be the same since the possibility is off the charts ... I have it set on random on

start up anyway. The probability of the two programs have the exact same port , is near to null

You act as if I was not asking a legitimate question , and your attitude is towards my question if

quite counter - productive . You act like I should know the answers to my own questions .

Please do not continue to contribute your useless help to this thread , I am sure there are more

helpful people that will try to help , rather than aggravate .

Was it the mention of emule that had to piss you off (please spare me your answer)

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I am getting 3.5kb /s 5.7 /s where I normally got 50~70 kb/ etc , very recent torrents , tv shows popular torrents that normally (before new OS install) ran like that , now with emule un installed even , the speed keep rocking , and throttling , that's all the info I can give you , what more info you want ?

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