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Data Integrity of a download?


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I don't usually download torrents, i wanted to ask..

With utorrent, what happens to a download if say:

My connection is suddenly cut off and i resume


My download speed goes as low as 0.3 kB/s for just a moment?

Is there any loss in data integrity of the download if these happen?

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Every completed piece is checked against the hash (which is stored in the .torrent) for correctness. So, unless you have data corruption -after- µTorrent has written the pieces to disk (broken hardware, media indexers that change file tags,...), data integrity is pretty much certain.

That said, if the original torrent was made with bogus data, you'll end up with bogus data too, but you can be certain that is an identical copy of the original bogus data :D.

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"When uTorrent says 100% completed, it means that ALL pieces have passed validation"

- Ok so 'validation' means the downloaded data checked against the hash has passed... thus being identical to the original and that there hasn't been any loss of data integrity right?

That's my main concern.

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