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Gpass with uTorrent ? (VPNs)


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Hi, I am looking for a safe and secure way to use utorrent and any other internet related activities anonymously.

I am currently using "itshidden" a free service its good but problem is the free service seems to keep dying randomly and leaving utorrent downloading unprotected without me knowing also the ports to download seem to be blocked so here comes the question...

I was wondering if anyone has tried this free program called Gpass http://gpass1.com/gpass/ and if so is it secure and safe for me to use ?

if not does anyone else know of or use any free VPNs that are secure, safe and stable that will keep my anonymity when browsing the interent as well as allow me to download with utorrent safely?

any info on this Gpass or links to other free secure VPN services would be nice and im sure other people would appreciate the links to :)

Thanks for any helpfull replies

Also VPNs which help stop my ISP throttling my downloads would be a good bonus ;) but not essential as long as im anonymous and safe :)

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The free service for itshidden has a 20 minute time limit, where you get disconnected, Thats why its free, If you want to keep the connection going you're going to have to pay as with any other VPN service, From what i've heard itshidden is quite good, as with ipredator.

I can't say for sure but from what I can see on the Gpass site, its probably not too great, it will be slow (bandwidth costs a lot of money) and chances are p2p applications are blocked (notice they didn't say p2p works.) they're mainly an http proxy as opposed to a vpn, they probably wouldn't protect you if something came back on you.

Freeware for users in closed societies

This one is interesting too, they probably charge anyone outside china. Not to mention

Free surfing might be limited by daily traffic volume.
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Ahh ok I should probably look into paying for them then if I want 24/7 anonymity.

Thanks for the reply anyway think ill leave the Gpass out then.

If anyone has anymore info though on free or paid VPNs or any other methods to stay anonymous online id like to hear about them :)

I found this one just a moment ago https://www.ultravpn.fr/ "Ultravpn" dunno how it is with utorrent yet though. Its located in france, so far it seems ok and doesnt seem to have a time limit and its free dunno how it compares to the paid ones though since im new to these VPNs not sure what I should be looking for to help stay anonymous online lol.


Ignore Ultravpn if you plan on using it for torrents, i just found this http://www.ultravpn.fr/forum/index.php?topic=182.0 it used to support Torrents but not anymore :( but still if you just want a decent and free vpn to be anonymous online it does the trick :)

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