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How can I ban/block an ip from my torrent client?


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I have an abusive user who isn't following ethical file sharing practices. I'd like to block his ip from connecting to my client.

I found this tutorial on how to do this, but it's outdated..........

* Go to Options > Preferences (or hit Ctrl+P), go to Advanced tab and scroll down to ipfilter.enable, click on it and set it to true. Click OK to exit preferences window.

* Find and click once the torrent, and click the Peers tab. Right-click anywhere inside the Peers tab and uncheck "Resolve IPs". So, all peers will be listed by their IP address alone, which is what we need.

* Open a Notepad window and manually type in any IP address that you wish to block.

* Save the Notepad window (with the IP addresses) as "ipfilter.dat" (including the quotes). The location for saving the file should be C:Documents and SettingsUSERNAMEApplication DatauTorrent, where USERNAME is the user name of your system account. If you have installed Windows in a different drive, change C: accordingly.

* Go back to uTorrent, click the any torrent, go to the Peers tab, right-click and click "Reload IP filter".

I am using the newest version of Utorrent 3.0 Alpha, and my OS is Windows Vista. So what would be the correct procedure?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


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I am the only seed and they are the only leech. After they have completed the download, there is no additional seeder for the torrent other than myself. This has happened with several files I have shared with this ip. They continue to download, but they never remain connected to the swarm for sharing.

I am paying attention to the peer log in Utorrent. And the number of seeds and peers in the client's columns. Since myself and this ip are the only activity, it's easy to track manually.

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If this is on a private tracker, they will probably already have procedures in place to ban this user, or its possible he has free-leach status. You could send a report to the tracker staff with his ip, and the torrents in question as opposed to blocking him outright. If he's got free-leach then I wouldn't complain for the free upload credit.

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