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I get no indication of any seeding after a download.

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Hi, I've recently become a member of some private trackers and it's been brought to my attention how important keeping a nice, high share ratio around those parts is.

I'm definitely not new to torrenting or the world surrounding it, but sometimes, y'know, you can just get a little thick in the brain.

Anyway, every torrent I download from these, or any, tracker finishes and then just sits there. The share ratio in the 'General' window never changes from 0, the upload speed never changes from 0 and I never any sort of indication that it's seeding in the main line of the torrent.

When it comes to ports and protocols and forwarding and the like, I can be a little dim, so, please, any words of wisdom would help...all I want is to seed more.

Btw, I'm using Windows 7, µTorrent 2.0.3, Microsoft Security Essentials "out of the box" and Windows Firewall is kosher on letting µTorrent do it's thang.

Best, Nate

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Check the peers tab of those torrents. If there is no one there downloading then there is no one there to upload to, It's pretty simple.

If there are peers and you're not connecting, you can check the error logs and find out why, and you can make sure your connectible through port-forwarding and disabling firewalls/adding rules. Also make sure your speed guide is setup right based on your internet connection upload speed.

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