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simple question understanding HTTP and HTTPS proxies.


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iv installed freeproxy on my computer

and tried to used utorrent with it

iv been Siniffing the packets and i can't understand the diffrenece between http and https

as far as iv seen the only diffrenece is that the HTTPS is using CONNECT and uses the GET in the server itself... instead of doing get from the proxy

but i see no encryption what so ever...

can anyone help me understand it?

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there is an option to chooose to route peers trough the proxy

and again

yes i can make it work

the question is what's the diffrence.. cause i prefer it to be SECURE since i dont want the proxy to be able to know what im doing... and yet i cant see an diffrence between the HTTP and HTTPS option

there for i was wondering what IS the diffrence...


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Oh, I should have looked, Last time I used this setting that was not an option.

Anyways that setting (http, https, socks) is the type of proxy.

If it is an https proxy it will still route http traffic through but the connection to the proxy will be secure so no one will be able to read the information traveling to the proxy. If it is https then the proxy can still see all the http traffic going through it clearly. the sites themselves need to be secure to prevent that.

You will need to check what kind of proxy it is before you choose the setting. Some proxies only work on one. With your login and pass information they should have told you what it was.

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than two questions...

1) the HTTPS proxy is encrypting the information outside of it.. or is it encrypted between me and him? cuase when i used a packet sniffer i still could read the GET and CONNECT to the proxy even when i chose https.. if it would of been encrypted i shouldnt have been able to seen it.. am i right?

2) the udp information is for torrent/scrap/peers information? or data exchange?

and thanks for the quick answers!

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