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Erratic upload speeds


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Hello everybody,

Downloading works fine for me.

But my upload speeds are erratically all over the place, and usually have been in the last year. This is making a lesser experience for the community! :(


Should I expect to have an even line?

PS I've done all the port forwarding, speed tests, enable plug 'n' play, and I'm wired directly into my router.


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Switeck, thanks, sorry I forgot to post those (DUH!).

Upload limit: 220.0 kB/s

Connections: 90

Max active: 3

Upload slots: 4

Connections (global): 250

Max Active downloads: 3

bt.prio_first_last_piece = *true

By the way, www.speedtest.net shows this>>>>

Average Download Speed: 8.73 Mb/s

Average Upload Speed: 1.81 Mb/s

Note: The Setup Guide page always shows Current Port: 64148. Strangely, I had forwarded 64147 in my router (uTorrent Preferences>Connections does list it as 64147).

Thanks again!

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Port 64147/64148 issues could be due to UPnP/NAT-PMP conflicts. Did you do manual port forwarding?

Your upload speed max seems pretty close to your speed test upload speed result -- there may be burst issues while downloading, as downloading creates LARGE upload overheads as well.

If you have poor networking (weak router, bad software firewall) then lowering bt.connect_speed and net.max_halfopen might help. Also disabling stuff like UPnP, Resolve IPs, and even uTP and Teredo/IPv6 might help. 1st link in my signature talks about that.

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