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Torrent Speed Is Fine - LAN Speed Is NOT!


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Hello All -

I'm no newbie to torrents and am very familier with networking. My download speed for torrents is currently what I'd expect it to be. My LAN speed, however, is not.

To copy a file between any two computers takes MUCH longer than it should. 5 files that equaled 90m just took 5 minutes. The reason I post this here is that my router gets so full of connections from torrents, that I believe it's what causing it. After stopping all torrent traffic and resetting my router, it's still slow, but then again, all the connections are still open in the router's status window.

If I do a factory reset on my router, though, it obviuosly clears that data out and works like a champ until torrents take it over again.

Does anyone have suggestions to what I can do by configuring uTorrent a specific way or whatever else?

Note: I did try to change/expand the TCPIP settings about a month ago on my torrent computer - maybe thats part of it?


Router: D-Link DIR-855 - Newest firmware

Cable modem on WAN, all workstations on cabled LAN (10/100/1000) except for a 2 on w/l N

Windows 7 x64 or x86 Ultimate on all

Torrent d/l computer is also connected via Linksys Powerline network to DIR-855 router

uTorrent is newest Alpha build running on open port which is set to forward in router both TCP and UDP

uTorrent set to u/l at 50kpbs and download at 900kpbs during day - 500 Global conn - 75 per torr - 6 sim downloads and 7 total transfers

Thanks all!

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Do your lan transfer speeds improve if you disable uTP (Bandwidth Management) in uTorrent?

Are you transferring those files on two separate computers from the one running utorrent? And are both running on wired?

The reason I ask that is that a properly built router is actually two parts, a switch and a wireless access point. A switch can run ports completely independent from the others at full speed, whereas the access point can not.

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When uTorrent has been stopped for 5 minutes, what's the connection load levels on the router?

As for conservative uTorrent settings -- check 2nd link in my signature.

Use the 512 kbit/sec upload settings but 50 KB/sec upload speed. If you want more torrents at once, reduce upload slots by 1 and reduce connections per torrent down as low as 20.

While only seeding, I recommend setting max connections per torrent to only 10. You don't need lots of connections to upload at 1000 KB/sec. 4 torrents with 5 peers each would be overkill.

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