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Zero filesizes for 100% downloaded files v 2.0.3 (build 20683)


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what is the extension on those files. They're probably blank for a reason (alias/shortcut). Chances are that's the way the torrent was set up. Look up the list a bit I'm guessing there will be a very similarly named file that is the actual one you're looking for.

However, usage for content is not discussed in these forums. If you have a problem with a specific torrent then ask on the tracker you got it from.

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Thank you for the response.

The files affected are the .txt, .flac, and and .jpg files.

I should probably add that in windows explorer, the filesize is correct, but with the .!ut extension. I've also tried copying then renaming the copied .!ut file (which has been fully downloaded) to .flac but is unsuccessful.

One other thing is that, I executed a TCP/IP optimize function with the free version of Advanced System Care while the torrent is running. Also changed the host priority settings. Could this be the reason ?

Thanks again for your response

EDIT: Upon further checking, I found out that the zero files apparently are created by the torrent itself. For example if the torrent name is ABC, then within the ABC folder there is another ABC sub folder which contains the same folders and files as those in the main ABC folder. With one difference, the sizes of those files are all zeroes.

Sorry if I confuse anyone, I was certainly confused. This is the first time I come across such torrent.


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