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I've looked at the stickies. There's a lot that can be done to try and resolve this issue. I'm just wondering if there is a "90% of the time this is the issue.." so I can focus my efforts before I start playing around with setting a manual port and enabling this, disabling that, and so on,

I have Charter internet (8 up and 1.5 down). Before I split the connection to two computers with a router uTorrent was working just fine. Ever since I installed the router, a D-Link EBR-2310, uTorrent on my computer (it's only installed on one computer and the other computer will not be using any torrenting software of any kind) makes is so that there is virtually no upload or download speed available for use, be it for uTorrent itself or while browsing. This affects both computers at the same time. As soon as I turn off uTorrent then everything goes back to normal. I've tried setting the Global max to 150 and connections per torrent to 70. So far, no difference.

I'm running Win7 x64 using the latest update to uTorrent (using the update feature in uTorrent).

My sister, the other computer, is running Win XP SP2 on a Dell Dimension 3000 from 2005.

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