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Open torrents for seeding


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Today I had to reboot my cpu. I had 2 torrents d/l'ing and 2 u/l'ing.

I closed µTorrent 1.4 stable, and did the reboot. After opening µtorrent again, I saw that only to 2 torrents d/l'ing where reopened. After a "Hmmm..." I thought I could just open the .torrent files again and continue to seed. But, those torrents wanted to start d/l again! I tried with a couple of other .torrents, same thing. I tried stopping them and do a force re-check but it didn't help. As if µTorrent compleetly forgot I had d/l'ed them at all.

PS I have set µtorrent to move finished d/l'ds and it was from this folder I tried to reopen the torrents or seeding. DS

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The only thing I did really was to open a .torrent I knew I'd allready downloaded.

I didn't point at anything. I thought µtorrent, somehow, kept track of where it saves downloaded files and where they go when finished. I mean shouldn't it?

Anyway, what do I do point out the correct folder?

Should I manually move the finished files from "Completed downloads folder" back to the "New downloads folder"?

I have ticked "Put new downloads in", "Move completed downloads to" and "Move .torrents for finished jobs to".

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