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Autoload torrents


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This is still not working.. I um unsure why but it does not look like it monitors folders...

Is there a log somewhere that will tell me if it checked the folder?

I have it on a clean install and pointing to a local drive, and I put a few torrents in there last night but no progress...

any ideas again?


Does anyone know if this works on utorrent 2.0.2 (19648)

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I tried with the latest 2.0.3 and autoloading is working.

5 sec after adding a .torrent into the autoload folder, the torrent has been loaded into µT and µT added .loaded to the .torrent file in autoload folder.

Do you see .loaded files?

Are you sure the autoload folder is reacheable? (and folder permissions too)

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Checked security and it is fine, I tried to put it in different folders on different machines\drives and still no go.

I don't see .loaded files, but I am unsure where to look.. Do these show in the same folder?

Could someone give me a screen shot of there settings.. might be pushing it with that one..

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In your case, .loaded files should be stored in 'C:\TorrentStore' (as long as you don't check the box 'Delete loaded .torrents') because that's the folder where you add the .torrent files to load into µT.

After adding a .torrent into 'C:\TorrentStore', µT creates a working copy in the folder %appdata%\utorrent (by default and in your case).

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Right, I don't have it set to delete and it does not change to .loaded

I was planning later to delete them but thought it was best for troubleshooting to leave it for now.

I have just tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and even built up a vista VM just to rule out windows 7.

For the VM I just did a clean install and added a local directory and still nothing..

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I got it!

Seems that it was the autoload feature from firefox.. although I still don't know why the VM does not work..

does not matter for me the htpc works fine now that feature is disabled, just need to tell it where to save every time..

Thanks everyone for your time and effort!

I would still be stuck on the network drive issue without you!

Now back to the FAQ's for me as i have to move all my seeding torrents to my HTPC, which should be fun with them spread across multiple drives.

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