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How to make portable, or save to an external


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Hi Everyone,

It seems utorrent is pretty easy to make portable, but I'm using Mac OSX.

The many sets of instructions for Windows that are simple to follow, so I've even given them a go, but I think slightly different advice needs to be given for the Mac version.

Has someone got the way to do it?


ps. if you want a description of what happens on Mac following the Windows instructions:

- I place the uTorrent application package on my portable drive.

- There is no settings.dat, so nothing to do there

- The program runs fine, but opens with all active torrents and setting that were present on the system drive version.

- If I set the download path to a folder on the portable drive, a new torrent functions for a time. The 'general' tab implies downloading to the correct path, but on inspection the folder does not exist, the sub directory has not been created.

- After download for 5ish minutes, the torrent errors with an exclamation mark. I guess it realises the file does not exist.

pps. All I want is to download to an external (since I have a small internal, but large external) hardrive. I do not need to move the program between machines. However, the above steps take place whether running from the system drive, or external drive.

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