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Help me: how to stop utorrent prompt dialogues


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not a major issue, when i download and add a torrent, utorrent prompts a dialogue popup

choose where to download ' file name ' to with a directory tree on the bottom.

i have already setup the directories in settings, how do i stop this i just want it to select the directory automatically.

on a side note, it is weird when i use Opera to download torrents, uTorrent will automatically start it, but when using Firerfox, i need to press 'ok' on a dialogue popup, is there a way to automate it? i was able to get Firefox to auto-start torrents a few patches ago....


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there should be an always check on the firefox download popup. Just select open with uTorrent and always do the above action for this file type.

your other question

utorrent preferences - ui settings - when adding torrents section

preferences - directories - always show dialog on manual add.

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