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show the topic of my own, not the author of seed,please!


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As known as all,utorrent is very small but sefficient with a lot of info on show.

However, there are some distance ut can go to.

First of all, ut don't remain the files' topic of my own, but the one of the author. For example, some author give the movie <Titanic> name "ttnc" for short. So, you can see the file named "ttnc" in ut download locationg. How the hell I can know the fact name of the movie? It's trouble and inefficient. So, show the topic of my own, not the author of seed,please! You can imitate the mode from bitspirit. Look at the picture as follows:


ht tp://s298.photobucket.c om/albums/mm266/mhtzqp/?action=view&current=7dc1d2f7.jpg

The second, the files downloaded are all in the same folder. It's trouble to sort out the related files from thousands of other files. For example, the <Titanic> movie and the movie's cover should be in the another same folder named "Titanic"。

That's all I find.

please append the functions。

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