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Making uTorrent download torrents when logged out but stop when logged


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A really awesome feature which I think would just be some simple script for a small little button would be that the selected torrents resume downloading at fastest possible speed automatically when the admin user logs out, then automatically stops all the torrents when the admin user logs back in. This would eliminate having slow internet while using the computer and downloading torrents, as well as forgetting to resume torrents after stopping them (or, in my case, if the person whose computer is downloading the torrents wouldn't know how to stop and resume them ;D )

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I really dont know what to do. Can you help me with this? these are mi internet specs from speedtest.net:

download speed: 5.15 mbps

upload speed: 0.81 mbps

ping: 26 ms

thats from a desktop plugged directly into the router via ethernet btw.

so using that, can you help me make this speed guide please?

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