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In the µTorrent's homepage one of the features is "Multiple simultaneous downloads" but I have read in many threads and forums that it is not recommended to run more than 1 or 2 torrents at a time; does that mean not to download more than 1 or 2 torrents at a time or not have more than 1 or 2 torrents active at a time (like at the same time downloading 1 torrent and having 2 torrents seeding or downloading 2 torrents and having 1 or 2 other torrents seeding ) ?

I am currently downloading 2 torrents while having 3 others already completed torrents seeding and all seems to work OK; my download speed is 50KB/s for each torrent with 16 seeds and 3 peers each. The torrents I am downloading are being uploaded at 7KB/s each and the 3 done torrents are uploaded each at an average speed of 2.5 each. All that seems OK to me but I do believe that there is a reason behind the recommendation not to run ( if run means being active) more than 1 or 2 torrents at a time so what is it ?

Several upload speed tests show that my upload speed is around 12 KB/s ; my question is , if so then is it OK to set up my upload speed at 10 KB/s ?

If I don't want to download 2 torrents at the same time , how can I configure µTorrent so I have one torrent being downloaded while a second torrent is waiting in some queue and then starts downloading automatically once the previous torrent downloading is done ?

Thank you in advance.

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The 1-2 is a reccomendation. If you don't upload enough, your download speed will suffer and you'll be hated for leeching (of course, you can upload to a 1:1 ratio later and it's generally seen as okay). It really depends on your connection speed how much you can do. A lot of torrents at once for me seems to increase the total time to finsih all of them compared to one at a time though.

You should set your upload to about 70%-80% of your system upload. Which would be 8kbps to 10kbps for you. (As long as you don't go too high, a higher upload will also mean faster downloads. Too high and you can't properly signal other users anbou completions and make requests often enough.)

To use the queue: Options > Preferences > Torrents > Queue Settings

What works for me is to have one more total torrents than downloading, so I can ensure I am always seeding something if needed, and I generally don't add over this limit, but it rotates through the upload queue nicely when I do. The up/down arrows on the toolbar control the download order.

To finish an upload to rotate that queue, Options > Preferences > Torrents > Seeding Priority

For a normal user, set the ratio to 100% and the seeding time to (Ignore)

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