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Lost connection

One and a half brains

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1st and 2nd links in my signature...maybe even the 3rd link!

Your connection is probably going down due to very poor networking.

So test uTorrent with *VERY* few connections and disable a LOT of features in it (1st link in my signature tells how).

Very important in particular to disable DHT, uTP, Resolve IPs, and reduce net.max_halfopen to 1-4 AND bt.connect_speed to only 1.

If that works, slowly increase settings to roughly match my 2nd link.

Do note you probably have low upload speed max.

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If you have any router that has not the sufficient power to sustain the connections your client is opening.. the result is that you will have hard times to open any site. Some ISPs are also using limitations of user's connections, which might be fulled up by the torrent client.

Your best chance is to try and cut the connections to as few as possible.

Not sure if this is the problem you are experiencing atm, but it is worth to try it out. Good luck.

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