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Simple speed issues i think (MAC)


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Hello all,

I have a simple issue, i think, when i try to down load a torrent, the incoming TCP port connection light is yellow. And i understand why, and when i randomize my port it never works, and i also tried the 5XXXX numbers, starting with 5 then 4 more, and EVERYTHING i try never works. so then it must be my firewall right? well my firewall is not blocking anything when i use Utorrent, and this issue is just today normally i have to enter in a few ports until i get one that works with incoming connections but not today. Is there anything that im missing? I have not changed any settings since that last time i used Utorrent and it just randomly started. I know i could like change settings with my network so my router like forwards the ports or something, but honestly i dont want to screw with any settings in my router because it always is on the fritz with like dns servers but thats a different issue. So is the only thing i can do to resolve this is just keep making up port numbers and trying them? i have been doing that for like an hour sooo yea

Thanks peace and love


PS shit sorry for posting in the wrong section, if a mod could move this to the mac section i would love it. Thanks sorry for the inconvenience

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