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I have a very odd issue using uTorrent 2.0.3.

Every 64 seconds the download rate crashed to half or one third. All peers seem to loose download speed on all files simultaneously. Some less distributed files have download rates of below 10 KB/s instead of 30 or above. Looking at the peers, some peers running not uTorrent stay with high download rates. Sometimes my upload rate breaks down too. I suspect, that is less visible because free upload slots will be used immediately by other peers.

I then tested with a single well distributed knoppix file and found same issue, so after 20 minutes download speed was at about one third of what my line can do.

I could provide some screenshots on my line monitoring and on peer behavior.

However, switching back to uTorrent 2.0.1 beta solved my problem.

Kind regards,


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Same problem occurs with 2.2 Beta.

2 torrents running, one well distributed, one less distributed:

After 2 min:

2.2 Beta: Torrent A) 5 KB/s B) 220 KB/s (Overall strong variation in speed)

2.0.1 Beta: Torrent A) 50 KB/s B) 800 KB/s (stable speed, almost line limit)

Kerio 4.0 Firewall and Windows Firewall

Fritz!Box 7170

DSL 12 MBit

Which settings specifically? But I do not change settings trying different releases.

Note: Test with 1 to 4 torrents. All peers of all torrents simultanously break down. Again: Exactly every 64 Seconds. Since release 2.0.3, so something has changed in the software.

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"FRITZ!Box crashes when I use µTorrent"


"DSL 12 MBit"

...Isn't 1/10th that fast on the upload side, and uTorrent's settings are upload-based.

CTRL+G Speed Guide settings are the main ones, along with any changed advance settings.

The software firewall could be playing havoc with uTorrent's connections and triggering the download crash at 64 seconds.

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