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uTorrent with two Operative Systems at the same PC


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Hi! I have a problem and I can't find the solution on the web.

I have a PC with a partitionate disk at this way:

Partition C: Windows Xp Profesional Files

Partition E: Windows 7 Profesional Files

Partition F: Data and Programs that I share between the two operative Systems (eg: JDownloader, uTorrent, etc)

So now I'll describe the problem:

As I sayd I've installed uTorrent in the Partition F of my Hard Disk. At first I have version 2.0 and now I've installed the uTorrent 3.0 Alpha

The uTorrents works perfectly with both Operative Systems (Windows XP and Windows 7) but if I start a download with XP and then I login with Windows 7 I have to start the downloaded again, I can't see my list of working torrents, I can add it again but the download start from 0.

I had the same problem with the two versions of uTorrent. I installed the program at the Partition F in order to not have this kind of problem... It has solution? Anyone can help me?

Thanks to all and, by the way, sorry for my english... I'm not English speaking :)

Thanks again!


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Each installed version uses its own resume.dat but the files are the same. If you use a standalone install and copy the settings files from appdata/utorrent into a directory that is shared between the two you can keep the same settings and download stats across operating systems.

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