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Utorrent Slow speeds


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Getting around 30-60kb/s download and 3540kb/s upload on a 2.49gb file (downloaded 1.4gb). Seeds = 26 (52). Peers = 18 (96).

Right-clicking on the torrent and selecting "Properties" shows that my Max Upload is set to 250, Max Download is set to 250, Number of Upload Slots is 4, the "Seed While" box is unticked, and "Initial Seeding", "Peer Exchange" and "Local Peer Discovery" are ticked, whilst "Enable DHT" is grayed out.

Speedtest.net has had varying results, but average Download is around 0.9Mb/s while Upload is around 0.3Mb/s.

Are my download speeds normal? Downloading files directly (Google chrome) is usually at 230kb/s.

Tried reading the Settup/Speed Guides but they didn't make much sense, I believe they are not very newbie-friendly.

Advice appreciated, thanks!

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Just a handful of message threads of people on Tiscali complaining of speed problems:



"Tiscali SpA and Tiscali UK in particular are to be avoided at all costs. They are nothing more than asset strippers who view the customer as a mere income generator."

For the settings...

320 kbit/sec upload

29 KiloBYTES/second upload speed limit max in uTorrent

3 upload slots per torrent

35 connections per torrent

80 global connections max

3 total active torrents

...of the 3 active torrents, up to 2 can be downloading at once.

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