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I'm new here, How do i Seed?...I want 2 Help...


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Hello guys?, I'm new here and would like to just get to know my way around this awesome and sweet program of utorrent i found after i told my friend i was in search of these sweet movies but, for the few weeks i tried i couldn't find them on my web searches. But, with this awesome program i found what i was looking for...

Anyway, could someone help me out and tell me how to seed after i have dl'ed what i was looking for?...i would really appreciate it bc i would really like to help out, i mean after all, it took time and work for you guys to upload this stuff i wouldn't want to seem ungrateful so how do you seed again ???

Thnx for the time guys......

Edit: Nvm guys, I found the user guide.....don't worry i know now and they'll get seeded properly.

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