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Followed Connection Setup Guide, but need assistance.


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Hey, I was looking through the forums and I saw a thread that said not to use YouTube guides for settings, which I had done. So I followed the Connection Setup Guide, but I am still having a few problems and am not sure what to do.

Guide that I followed:


1. I followed the first step and my router is port forwarded, which the test confirmed. However, I have an X on the top half for bandwidth. I'm not sure what to do. Here is a screenshot in case you aren't sure what I am referring to.-----------------------FIXED-----------------------(I had to disable firewall in the router settings. I read a different post. Sorry for not searching but I still need the second problem resolved.)


2. How important is it to setup a static IP? I cannot find the range on my router screen. I have a Linksys WRT54G which I read has some issues but the link to the FAQ's no longer had the issue listed. So will it affect my speed much if I don't do this? I believe the worker who set up my router told me he set up a static IP when he first set up my internet but I would like to check? So where is this on my router settings?

Thanks in advance.

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Start > Run > cmd /k ipconfig /all

Bottom of the router, what version do you have? As for the speedtest fail, that's nothing new. Use an external site and mine the difference between b and B (speakeasy.net, dslreports, and speedtest.net are valid candidates).

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