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UPnP ports don't close on shutdown


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This is a seriously annoying bug, why?

A: If you have uTorrent set to randomly pick a port on startup/start on system start and forget to exit uTorrent properly you soon find yourself filling your SOHO routers port forwarding table in no time at all.

I don't see why sending a shutdown signal is any different to exiting from the file menu. Obviously nothing can be done about force quit from task manager but something should be done about this.

It happens on XP, Vista and 7 with every uTorrent version from 1.8.0 - 2.2.1.

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I don't think you understand what I'm saying.

If you exit uTorrent via the File menu or by choosing exit after right clicking on the try icon its fine, the ports close. If however you shutdown the computer from the start menu while uTorrent is still running the ports remain open. This happens on all modems I have tested, D-Link, Netcomm, Billion and Belkin.

If you have an example config that works please let me know e.g. modem brand and model and version of windows.

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Seven months on and this is still happening. And I have to disagree with this...

One of the problems with UPnP is that packets get lost, so we send several broadcasts to unmap the port. There may not be enough time to send more than 1 on shutdown.

For starters windows doesn’t shutdown network communications immediately. Infact it is one of the last things it does right before power off; this is about 5-15 seconds after the desktop has been hidden. Secondly the chances of losing every UDP packet on a 100 Mbps LAN with no traffic are next to nothing. Especially when this happens every time and on every single hardware configuration I have tested with, that’s over 40 computers, 9 different modems 3 different operating systems.

And lastly it also happens if I select:

Options -> Auto Shutdown -> Shutdown when everything completes

I mean, common, a pop up window opens with a countdown and cancel button. Then uTorrent closes and then windows begins to shutdown but the ports remain open. Its about to shutdown but does nothing. No, not all 9 modems are broken they all work because if you exit cleanly then they all close the ports.

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