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PPP conection collapsed after some hours


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Hi all,

I´ve just switch to MAC two months ago. As in my other W7 computer I´m just using utorrent for mac. The problem is that after using uT for several hours (maybe 10-24) my PPP connection stop working and need to reboot the router.

Alternativelly I´ve been downloading with JDownloader for days with no probs.

My hardware system is:

Huawei HG520

iMAC 21´5 - MacOS 10.6.4

Airport Disabled

Connected throught Ethernet.

Port fowarded - 30542


Global Limit: 200

Per T. Limit: 50

Peers: Both disabled.


Active T. L.: 4

Active D. L.: 1

Outgoing Encr.: Disabled.

Should I reduced some params?

Review NAT -- Port Triggering Setup?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Self answer... if someone helps.

After some tweaks, I have been connected around 24 hours without cuts or collapses of my router.

Here´s what I´ve done:

In my imac and router:

1.- First in MAC, in System Preferences in Lan options, make sure you have DHCP with Manual IP. Then give an IP, ie,

2.- Be sure you have uTorrent port fixed, mine is 30542. So disable "Randomize port during launch".

3.- Forward that port in your router NAT (Virtual Servers) using TCP/UDP packets, using that previous IP.

In uTorrent Preferences:

1.- I´ve disabled BitTorrent > Peers > Enabled Distributed Hash... and Enable Perer Exchange... (both options)

I don´t really thing if this could help to fix my problem, but it´s a test by now and it is working. Maybe some 'master' could clarify this two options in order to enable or not.

2.- Connections set as default. Global L.: 200 / Per Torrent L.: 50.

I use to download only one torrent at a time, and respect ratio of 1,5 until remove the torrent.

Sometimes two if one of them is really little.

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