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For some reason all of a sudden my seeding.......


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For some reason all of a sudden my seeding seems to have just stopped. I have always seeded for the most part unlimitedly or until I have finally decided to delete a few torrents which is usually 6 plus months or so. Anyway, I just noticed that the 9-10 downloads that I have don't seem to be seeding they have "Finished" out to the side with no seeders kind of like when you right click on the torrent and click "stop" or " simply remove the torrent, well actually when you remove it, it just goes away. Now for some reason they are not seeding and that bothers me as I want to keep my ratio up can someone please advise me on this. Nothing has changed as far as me doing anything in other words it just seems to have quit! I have checked everything that I know to check firewall, isp and etc. but maybe I have neglected to check the correct thing.

Thanks for you advice and help in advance

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