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Different settings profiles for different schedulling settings


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My client runs only on schedulled times, and under different conditions (certain hours it will run on max speed, others on a limited speed)

I'm following a suggestion that I once read - if I'm not wrong - on a Switek post, and I expect with that to control my bandwidth usage, since my ISP usually cap full bandwidth usages, and reduces speed below the limited settings I'm currently using.

Also, if I correctly understood all the stuff about correctly setting a client, then, if I run it on different max upload speeds, I should also change the settings according to that, so that I have the optimal client performance at each time.

So, my suggestion would be

1) allowing to create more than one setting profile and save them under some profile name;

2) allowing to associate the settings profile to a certain schedulling option, so that each time the client runs, it will do it under optimal conditions.


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