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How to hide torrenting from ISP?


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I've always torrented a lot (just movies and TV shows), but for the first time I got a message from my ISP (Rogers, in Canada). They asked me to delete a movie I had downloaded the day before, so I did. Is there anything I can do other than simply enabling encryption in the options to avoid them seeing what I download and such? I googled for a bit, but couldn't really find anything concrete. Also, from a Vuse wiki page, apparently Rogers blocks encrypted traffic, so would enabling encryption in uTorrent even do anything (from the (very) quick testing I did, it seemed to still download at same speeds even with encryption enabled)?

I was also wondering what would happen if they ask me to delete another movie I download. I've read about fines and getting blacklisted from the ISP (and maybe others). Also, why was it only that one movie and not others? I've downloaded maybe 15 movies this month.

Any other advice would be great.


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