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ip address revealed even though using vpn


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Hi all.

I have got Ipredator and am running Utorrent.

When i did the test at checkmytorrentip.com, it still showed my real Ip address! What's going on!

Ipredator is connected to the internet and there is no firewall issue.

Do i have to connect utorrent manually to the VPN? if so, how?

thanks all

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I use two LOL Ipredator & superchargemytorrent

Ipredator = VPN safe as long as it says connected in utorrent. If it disconnects your IP is shown.

Which it dis-connects all the time, but when it is connected works great for uploading and downloading.

To be 100% safe you need to use Vuze with Ipredator. In Vuze (which I don't like)

under Tools\Options\Advanced Network Settings\Bind to local IP or interface =ppp2. Then when Ipredator disconnects Vuze won't connect, until you re-connect. (Real IP never shown)

So far I haven't found a way to make Utorrent do that, Ipredator goes down your real IP is shown.

So with Utorrent I use Superchargemytorrent and set Utorrent to only connect thru my proxy.

Options\Preferences\Connection. Then un-check, Enable UPnP, Randomize port each start, Enable NAT-PMP port mapping.

Then Under Proxy Server, add the proxy type, proxy IP,

Check Authentication, enter proxy username and password.

Then check Resolve hostnames through proxy, Use proxy server for peer to peer connections.

After you have that done go to windows firewall and set in and out for Utorrent to only allow connections thru the proxy.

And for extra protection I also use Netlimiter 3.

But the proxy does download pretty slow at times. Torrent programs don't like connecting to the proxy (I'm guessing) But upload is always at max.

So I use Ipedator & Vuze to download. And to upload any new torrents.

Then I use Superchargemytorrent & Utorrent to seed.

But if I find away to make Ipredator 100% safe Utorrent it will be Utorrent all the way.

Hope that helps.

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