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1Gbps download speeds


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I have a 1Gbps internet connection using cable to a AirportExtreme apple router, i have a 1,6mbps download speed when downloading directly from the internet.

But with uTorrent i have a Very variable connection usually stuck at a 400-600 and i sometimes jumps up to 1,8mbps in short bursts and i wonder what can i do to improve it?(download speed)

I have watched countless of videos and guides but ive only managed to reach a stable 400kbps.

I am pretty sure some weird option is limiting it.

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Well first of all I highly doubt you have a 1Gbps internet connection. That is almost certainly your lan speed. Your internet speed is probably somewhere around a 13Mbps. Do a speed test at either speedtest.net or dslreports and write down the numbers (both upload and download)

Then go into the speed guide (ctrl + g in utorrent) and select from the drop down menu the closest option below what your upload speed was in the speed test.

Also don't trust those videos and guide, they all tend to overload your internet with WAY too many peer connections to ever get anything accomplished. If what I suggested here doesn't improve your speed you can try using the settings from here instead http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=58404

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