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Many peers in active peer list, few of them sends (updated)

Leandro Jardim

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Hi, I am downloading a torrent, and there are many active peers in the peer list but few of them sends the torrent to me. I think that if they worked, my speed would be very superior to the actual. A peer can negate to send a torrent for me, even when I can see it in the active peer list? Generally, it can be a problem with my ADSL router (commonly called "modem") or my ISP? I even disabled the Windows firewall to check some problems, but I didnt saw any difference. :)

If you could help me, I would be very grateful. Thanks! ;)


Standard configuration.

Green network status.

Ports ok.

Connections per Torrent: 70.

Max. Torrents: 3.

Max. Downloads: 2.

Max. Connections: 200.

Windows Vista Home Basic SP2.

Security: Windows Firewall & Avast Antivirus.

Provider: Sercomtel.

Average speed: 278.52 kbits/s.

Router/Modem: D-Link DSL-500B.

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