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Other internet activity halts when utorrent is on


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This is a new issue for me that has just started since I updated to the version 2.03 version of utorrent. Basically utorrent itself works fine. I have no problem with uploading or downloading. My problem is when utorrent is running it seems to block the other internet traffic on my computer. It doesnt block it all the time either. What I mean is like I will open up internet explorer or Firefox and wont be able to access any webpages, then about 5 mins later it will access them fine. They will access fine for awhile then all of a sudden they wont be able to access anymore again for a few minutes. It blocks anything that access's the like a webbrowser games whatever. But if the connection is active, ie im playing an online game while utorrent is running, the game never gets interrupted even when I Cant acess websites on my pc. This is a new issue for me so im wondering if anyone has any ideas. I use nod32 for antivirus but no firewall software, just the built in stuff for windows vista 64 bit version.

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