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semaphore timeout period expired!


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This happened to me, many months ago, and i don't remember what i did to fix it :(

This time it happened when i unplugged my router while utorrent was running. I tried resetting the router, no luck.

I read this can be caused by a failing HDD so i tried dl'ing a torrent to a different drive... no luck.

I also read it can be a NIC/router failure. I haven't tried another router yet. My mobo has 2 NIC's on it, I haven't tried the second one yet. I also have a PCI NIC to try.

I will report back after trying the different NIC's and another router.

Any suggestions in the meantime?

btw I have an Airbus router and an Asus m2n sli-dlx mobo (nVidia NIC)... is there anything i can do, software wise, with the router/drivers etc?

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