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Which Bittorrent net protocol is used for incoming port address?


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I am using CA Internet Security Suite 2010 s/w for a personal firewall... The problem that I have is that Bittorrent keeps locking up after I try to activate a torrent for download and select the download location. This problem only occurs when I have the ISS 2010 firewall activated.

For ISS 2010 use, I made sure that the Bittorrent application was listed among approved MY COMPUTER applications that ALLOW the app to communicate via INCOMING and OUTGOING communications. I inserted the www.bittorrent.com web address in MY INTERNET so the webaddress is an approved website that is not blocked and all cookies, etc. are enabled.

Now to the main question... to configure Bittorrent for use with ISS 2010 personal firewall, I need to set a specific port address for Bittorrent LISTENING. The ISS software allows me to open a range of port addresses, but requires a designated network protocol linked to the port address for use by Bittorrent. The microtorrent and Bittorent online manuals do not seem to list which network protocol should be used with Bittorrent and a personal firewall. Which one of the following protocols should I select for use with Bittorrent?

NetBios UDP IN

NetBios TCP IN

Microsoft DS IN

RPC Service IN

Network Time IN


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